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The purpose of our office is to enrich the lives of our clients and thus our own by modeling and inspiring responsible compassion while providing exquisite comprehensive whole-health dental care tailored to each client’s individual needs and desires.

    • Are you tired of being EMBARRASSED by your smile?
    • Are PAINFUL teeth keeping you from eating the foods you love?
    • Are you concerned that your dental health may be causing trouble for your systemic BODY HEALTH?
    • Looking for a dentist with the EXPERIENCE and SKILL necessary for your personal needs?
    • Ready to finally experience the joy of teeth that look great, feel wonderful, support a healthy body, and will actually last?


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    So What Is Comprehensive Whole-Health Dental Care?

    In contrast to the usual-and-customary "drill-fill-and-bill" dental practice, at the Smile Miracles Project we focus on getting to really know and understand each patient's unique needs and desires and then together developing and executing a customized plan of treatment that not only maximizes the beauty, comfort, and longevity of your smile, but that supports your overall general health as well. From the elegantly simple to the exquisitely complex, we can help you get and keep the smile of your dreams. We believe accomplishing this requires meticulous attention to each aspect of the Cross of Dental Health.  Periodontal (gums and jawbone).  Occlussal (bite and TMJ).  Restorative (tooth health, strength, and replacement).  Systemic (breathing, inflammation, bio-compatibility...).  Failure to address any one of these can doom you to continued dental pain, loss, and failure.

    Whether your personal treatment plan includes crowns and veneers, root canals or extractions, implants, dentures, TMJ treatment, or even sleep-dentistry, our patients really appreciate the fact that we do 99% of it right here!

    Want to learn more about wholistic dentistry and the crucial role it plays in your health?  CLICK HERE.

    What makes the SMP so unique?


    Here at SMP, our goal is to help anyone with a real desire to improve their dental health do just that - irregardless of financial ability.  Unlike the limited care of other non-profit dental services , the Smile Miracles Project provides comprehensive dental restoration - from extractions to implants, dentures to root canals, crowns, periodontal therapy, and cosmetic rehabilitation.


    The SMP is also not another entitlement program!  We operate on a sliding fee scale and require all recipients to pay whatever they can reasonably afford.  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, we require all patients receiving discounted dental care to "pay-it-forward" by picking a worthy charity and donating their own time.

    One of the first things people notice is our laid back one-patient-at-a-time practice style.  Next is usually the extreme thoroughness and personalized attention this style allows; just a couple of the reasons so many people choose to drive or fly hours to have Dr. Peckham care for their dental needs.  "Fair-fee" patients also appreciate knowing that their patronage at SMP is a major source of funds allowing us to extend the same care to others needing an extra boost up.


    At the Smile Miracles Project, we accept no government funding which leaves us free to do whatever the dentist and patient decide is in the patient's best interest - no exclusions, no exceptions, no 3rd party authorizations!



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    Here's what others are saying about Dr. Peckham and The Smile Miracles Project

    Your Smile Miracles dentist

    Among the first things you will notice when you meet Dr. Peckham are his boots and jeans, which are your first clue as to his relaxed and laid back attitude. Never in a hurry, or too busy to give you his undivided attention; he’ll make you feel, despite being surrounded by the latest in modern dental equipment, as if you have stepped back in time, returning to a place where you the patient are more important than the money.

    His special interest is in solving complex dental issues resulting in teeth that look beautiful, feel great, last a life time, and support your overall health as well. He was one of the first dentists to pioneer the use of operating microscopes for dental treatment, and continues to advance the art and science of dentistry as a researcher (he is the founder and president of the Masters Dental Research Foundation) and dental consultant.  READ MORE

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    How you can support the Smile Miracles Project


    1. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we are always grateful for any and all donations including cash, personal property, equipment, and real estate.
    2. If you have missing or worn teeth, unresolved dental or TMJ pain, loose dentures, or other complex concerns such as crooked, miss-colored, or otherwise embarrassing teeth, we encourage you to become a "fair-fee" patient.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you'll be helping to pay our overhead expenses so we can help more heroes in need.
    3. And of course referring your friends and acquaintances will also help support our mission.

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